Blue Team Page 2
Second Grade

Amanda Hartman Abita Springs Elementary
Sharon Slavinsky Bayou Woods Elem.
Amy Frederick Mandeville Elem.
Gary Marlbrough Magnolia Trace Elem.
Rhonda Burns Covington Elem.
Nancy Franzo Honey Island Elem.
Danel Petry Honey Island Elem.

All About Me Unit

The purpose of this activity:

Develop a sense of community within the classroom setting
Introduce students to technological tools and software that can be used for presentation and collaboration

Photostory software
Digital Camera

The children will use a photostory to make a slide show about themselves to share.
TSW take pictures of each other using a digital camera
TTW upload the pictures onto the computer
Each student will start by making 1 slide. Each slide will contain:
- Student picture (digital camera)
- Text/changing font and color
Each student will write a sentence telling something about his or herself.
- Audio- reading sentence they wrote

The student slides will be combined to make a class Photostory book.