Blue Team Page K - Group 2
Andree Stephens - Kindergarten - Madisonville Elementary
Elaine Wilczynski - K-3 (Library) - Madisonville Elementary
Diane Wells - Kindergarten - Little Pearl Elementary
Rochelle Pedersen - K-3 (Special Education) - Madisonville Elementary

Kindergarteners Using Audacity as a Group to Record Educational Songs

Objective: The student will be able to spell and read color words and associate the colors with real-life objects.

-Once the students learn the color word songs, the class will work together to create a recording using audacity of the songs to allow students to review the songs at home or at school. In order to allow students to demonstrate knowledge of the concept, songs can be added to or modified by the students or groups of students to include additional objects of each color. This can be used with any type of learning song. The teacher can create a podcast or CD for home use.
-The teacher will manipulate the audacity program for the students. As the year progresses, the teacher can differentiate by allowing students to work on their own, work with partners, or continue working with the teacher.