Blue Team Page Pre-K

Amy Bordelon - Chahta Ima Elementary
Kristin Anderon - Chahta Ima Elementary
Pam Justi - Bayou Woods Elementary

Name Tutorial
Using Jing and the Paint program already on your computer, we created a short customized name writing program for each child in the early childhood classroom. It can be modified based on child's level of understanding. See our example here

Other ideas:
  • Create a "names" folder on your desktop. Have students pictures as icon within the folder. The student finds their name and selects it to start their tutorial.
  • For the below level students you can start with basic letter recognition and for the more advanced students you can add last names or words.
  • Later on in the year, students could show others how they use the computer to do something they are an expert in. (ie. show the class using jing how to get to PBS

    About Me
Gather students' email addresses during Meet and Greet. (If students' do not have Internet access, give a paper copy of this exercise. Scan these pages later.) Use Jing to demonstrate to the parents how to edit the slide show.

Send an invite to the students' using Google Docs to create an "About Me" slide show. I would have a premade template available at
Slide Show
I would add pictures of students to personalize each page before viewing. During the first week of school, show the slide show for students to get to know each other better.