Tech ideas for Social Studies
Resources for Thursday Morning:

Edutopia-- Technology Integration
Project Learning

Metropolitian Museum of Art

Social Responsibility in World Geography & Free Enterprise
tie into

Take a region of the world, take on the role of a villager. Start a business. Identify available resources.Identify the region's economic & political climate.

Phase One:Introduce concept of social responsibility, microcredit and Grameen (Mohammed Yunus) - use various YouTube, iTunesU videos, etc.

Phase Two:-Reserach using Google Custom Search, Google maps with resource widgets, etc. -ePal with a student from country or region to find out about culture, etc - write what you know about their region's economic & poitcal climate as well as resources on class wiki

Phase Three: Come up with a business model for a business you want to open in the region, given economic & poitical climate and resources. -You have $X to start, take your gender into account.- present business model to ePal partner class and have partner class determine if it is viable for their region- use Jing, Photostory, Audcaity, etc to present projects

Phase Four:- Now that they know what it takes to get a small business up and running in the region, find a small business person in the region, via, and individually or with a partner, find a business to support.- Write a reflection on the wiki about the actions you took and how you have helped to improve the life of someone else?