Intro to the November Learning Team
& The Digital Farm
by Jim Wenzloff

Connecting and getting to know
each other & powerpoint (yes really).
Getting started on our wikis
and our Red Group Wiki.

& Learning on this Wiki
Pro-D Pitfalls by Elaan
Wiki Discussion
Your focus- do you have one?

Tuesday Morning with the Red Team

Creating community: It is important in your class... it is important online?

How can you use metaphors & 'Four Corners' in your classroom?

Different Learners go at different speeds!
Are you ahead of the group?
Explore the questions and links below for the session you are in.
Document your learning on your wiki page or on the discussion tab above.

Technology Empowers Differentiated Instruction

Why talk about Powerpoint? Design!

How important is the idea of design? What do students need to know about design? How much of a project should design count for? How much does it count for on a typical poster board?
Great Slide Shows: Dodging Bullets in Presentations Thirst Brain Rules Video Gaming Trends

Powerpoint Humor: Life After Death by Powerpoint by Don McMillan
Dean @Shareski Design Matters for the K12 Online Conference
All about you: Create your own 4-7 slide powerpoint:

Welcome to wikispaces

Wikis in Plain English
"Join this wiki" - Find this on the top left of all pages on our wiki (or click here).
When you are signed in what you see instead of "Join this Wiki" is "New Page" - We can also do this on the Navigation bar, I'll show you how.
All about the tabs and the navigation.

We will create a page with 2-3 people (ideally). *Discussion about groups.
Share something you've learned today on that page.

Teaching demands self-awareness, reflection, and continual growth. Teachers must be self-reflective, as persons and professionals, understanding that
their development occurs over the course of their careers.** (link to post: Looking in the mirror)

(See Wikispaces video tutorials & Help & Teacher Help )

Tuesday Afternoon

Participation: Working with VoiceThread and our wiki.


Register & Apply for a free K-12 Account
Contribute to our VoiceThread (Challenge: make 3 contributions, 1 text, 1 voice, and 1 video)
Here it is on Voicethread: http://voicethread.com/share/522453/ I also 'trimmed' this: http://tr.im/redvt/

http://voicethread.com/share/522453/ (This is a link to the same show above on the VoiceThread site.)
(Each page has a link to explore, just hover over the lower part of the page)
Did you figure out how to draw on the slide when commenting? Try it!

Learning on Our Wiki

Add a link, an image, a media file (music, video, slideshare) to your group page.
Start, or participate in a discussion on this page's discussion. (Just click on the tab above)

Resources - VoiceThread and Wikis

Voicethread Examples

Some other VoiceThreads to check out: (Found here, be sure to check out the Best Practices page on this site.)

Voicethread made for the Many Voices for Darfur project http://ed.voicethread.com/share/62276/

Jeff Utecht shared these samples of G9 Biology Voicethread Projects from the class of Carol Jordan, a science teacher at his school.
http://voicethread.com/share/47425/ Which energy drink will diffuse the best through a cell membrane? by Hoi Chi, Jacob and Michael
http://voicethread.com/share/50562/ How does glucose concentration effect osmosis across a cell membrane? by Vikki, Cara and Wenting

Alec Couros "What does social networking mean to you?"

My Personal Experience with Wikis in the classroom.

My blog posts about learning with students as we created our Science Alive wiki.
(I was learning on the fly- a day, or hours ahead of the kids)
WOW: Bringing Science Alive! (wiki)
"Some Assembly Required"
More than one face to Cyberbullying in the classroom
Wikis in the classroom: a reflection.