June 4, 2009
Resources from Thursday morning:
  1. on itunesU --MIT offers access to courses they offer to students with syllabi, notes, resources...all kinds of cool things
  2. shmoop.com --(thanks, Christa!) This is the best site I've played around with this morning. Great resource for literature teachers AND their students--offers many titles with valid, useful info--and the best part is that the language not intimidating (for instance: "George Orwell is SO not his real name..." I get tired of boring, stuffy, condescending lit sites...I'm actually following it on Twitter now. Just got a text saying that lovers can now marry on Romeo and Juliet's balcony in Verona, Italy. Cool.
  3. Found many video clips on itunesU and youtube.com/edu
  4. My best resources of the morening have been the (patient) educators sitting at the table with me. :)