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Intro to the November Learning Team
& The Digital Farm
by Jim Wenzloff
My Digital Toolbox:
Create - Communicate - Collaborate
by Howie Di'Blaise
Project 2-point-oh-yeah!
By David Truss

Web Literacy
(Info Lit, Internet Safety, The Jobs)
Professional Learning Networks
(Social Bookmarking)
Warm Up: Where is your school?
(Google Maps)
Students as Curriculum Reviewers
Students as Official Scribes,
Contributors to Society & Tutorial Designers
(Google Docs, Wikis, Jing),
Professional Learning Networks cont.
(Twitter, RSS)

Global Awareness
(Google Maps, Google Earth)
Students as Researchers
Professional Learning Networks
(Social Networking w/
NL Connect)
Students as Curriculum Reviewers (Cont.)
(Podcasting with Howie)
Students as Collaboration Coordinators
TED Talks
Proof of Concept Projects
Group Closing @ 2:30
Proof of Concept Overview

Bringing it All Together

The six jobs described below outline concrete ways that your students can make valuable contributions to their learning community. While these jobs can be successfully implemented individually, it is bringing them together in harmony where, I believe, you might find the most success in developing a powerful global learning team.

Tutorial Designers
Eric Marcos - proportions -
Jing -

Official Scribes
Google Docs -
Google Docs for class notes, group projects -
Darren Kuropatwa - Scribe of the Day - Scribe Post Hall of Fame Wiki
The Life of Shakespeare -

Google -
Google News -
Google reader -
Custom Search Engine Creator -
Mrs. Gray's Research Sites for Kids - (Try these queries: global warming, pollution)
NoodleTools -
NoodleQuest -

Collaboration Coordinators
Skype -
Peyton Teaching with UStream -
Arapahoe High School -
World Summit Blog -
DPS 109 -
Celeste's Story
ePals -

Contributing to Society
Pitot House -
Kiva -
Student Kiva Group -
Our Kiva Page -
Free Rice -

Curriculum Reviewers
Room 208 Podcast -
Tech Savvy Girlz -
iTunes -

Additional Resources

Lainie's Website - Click on Presentation Resources to find additional resources

Videos on Technology In Plain English (Commoncraft)

Online Safety - Safety &

Thoughts for Planning (Developed by Brian Mull)

What resources are available?

What search queries would help me find them?

Who might my students be able to connect with?

How might they connect?

What tools best fit here?

What RSS feeds might I want to subscribe to?

What cross-curricular connections can be made?

What creative outlets might students want to use?