I checked out the following wiki created by sixth graders (creative writing):
6th graders storytelling = http://mercilesscaverns. and

After viewing these, I can see greater potential for the use of Wikis in the classroom (particularly due to the fact that I'm an ELA teacher).

I also checked out the "poster" that Michele brought to my attention. Saw tremendous potential for this in the classroom and cross-curriculum.

Michele checked out the following edublog and really likes the idea of glogster http://writeoutloud.edublogs. org

Below are some notes /activities that Michele is working on: 23 Ideas for the not so techy teacher presentation using Google Docs

November Learning

Using Wikispaces and Voicethreads

Define Wiki

How to Sign up

What is Voicethread?

external image bT*xJmx*PTEyNDM5NzIyNDE2MTEmcHQ9MTI*Mzk3MjI*NTIyMCZwPTIwNjQyMSZkPWI*MDkmZz*yJnQ9Jm89NmNiNGNlM2YyMDMzNDE5NjlkNjJiYzdjYjk2NTU2OGImb2Y9MA==.gif Life After Death by PowerPoint

Examples where you might use a voicethread (forthwith vt)
Student comments on examples of work/concepts